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Incorporated in 2007, GoFlooring brings together over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, along with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Based in Maldon, Essex, the business strives to be the best in professional flooring in commercial and domestic markets.

Historically, our main business has targeted the commercial contract sectors where, along with builders, architects, designers, and project managers, we aim to achieve the goal set. As a result, we have completed contracts that require up to 35 qualified personnel demonstrating the scale of business that we can accommodate.

The domestic and residential market is an area we are passionate about. An ever-increasing need for housing has seen GoFlooring become more active in this area than ever. We are happy to accommodate on all levels to bring your dream flooring to reality.

At GoFlooring, with our years of fitting background, we recognise the right product can be ruined by poor installation. Therefore, we insist all our team are fully trained in the latest installation techniques. As a result, personnel regularly attend training courses, and all of our fitters hold the relevant credentials to complete the works we undertake.

Luxury Vinyl

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles and SPC Vinyl Tiles. LVT and SPC have excellent qualities in water resistance and is non-slip. There is an extensive range of colours and finishes, so everyone can get the desired look they are after.

Commercial Vinyl

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Commercial Vinyl Flooring is available in vinyl sheets, glue-down tiles and click together tiles. All products come in a wide variety of colours and designs incorporating quality, safety and easy cleaning.


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If you want warm, comfort and insulation then carpet is the flooring choice for you as it is known for its heat retention. Carpet is also perfect for your home if you have younger children or toddlers.

Carpet Tile

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The heavy-duty carpet tile gives companies the confidence that the flooring will withstand substantial use and still look good, whilst the softer tile is more suitable for domestic use.


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Hardwood flooring is available in various shades, qualities, widths and styles. Engineered natural wood flooring is made from cross-ply layers with a top layer of solid wood, giving the appearance of hardwood at a realistic price.

Floor Preparation

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Floor prep is the process of preparing the existing sub floor to receive new flooring and ensure that your new flooring will look great, lay flat, stay bonded and not fail. In many cases, the existing flooring needs to be removed which can lead to a multitude of issues.

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The GoFlooring team guarantee that the flooring will be fitted flawlessly with a highly skilled and experienced team. After a site survey has been undertaken, we can accurately assess the time scale that the flooring will take.

You can depend on our honesty and reliability to respect that all work will be completed on time and budget.

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